Jungle Weed is Canadian Artisanal Craft Cannabis produced in the British Columbia region of Western Canada. For years, the local farmers have tended these mountain fields, handing them down to each new generation, preserving the genetics and cultivation techniques that make Jungle Weed so treasured by those wanting an authentic cannabis experience.


112 Grams
  • Works out to just $2.32 / gram!


Half POUNd

224 Grams
  • Works out to only $2.16 / gram!


448 Grams
  • Works out to only $1.89 / gram!

That’s less than $50 an ounce!


All orders are air-sealed into separate one oz mylar bags, then boxed and professionally labeled. Every package ships via Canada Post Express. Delivery times range from 1-5 days depending on buyer location. Orders are shipped every Monday. Orders can be placed up until 11:00 PM Sunday night PMT. Payment is due at time of order. We accept Interac E-Mail transfers only. Jungle Weed may change prices without notice as markets dictate. We do not provide free samples at this time. 

*THC levels vary from year to year and are determined by many factors including, but not limited to, weather, harvesting schedules, trichome transition levels, curing time, and soil conditions. Test data will be posted once available. **Satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back upon return of the unopened product. We cannot accept packages that have been opened from their original air sealed mylar bags. ***Jungle Weed may contain small stems and leaves which typically total less than one gram per ounce. ****Jungle Weed is available in limited quantities only.

Jungle Weed partners with distributors across Canada to ensure our products arrive safely and securely in as fast a fashion as possible. If you or your company are interested in learning more about a Jungle Weed distribution agreement send us a note here